Stella Artois Spritzer, Sparkling Dry Cider, 6 Pack, 12 Fl Oz Cans, 3.5% Abv

Stella Artois Spritzer is a bubbly and refreshing hard cider created using centuries of French and Belgian tradition. Made from crisp apples and hibiscus, this dry cider is tart, crisp and sharp. This sparkling cider is crafted to be naturally gluten free, keeping the hard apple cider light and delicious. Stella Artois Spritzer has a 3.5% ABV and 120 calories per serving. It pairs perfectly with apple walnut salads, romano cheese, prosciutto and apricot jam. Enjoy this hard apple cider to complement your lunch, or share some of this six pack of ciders with your friends next time you're all together. This gluten free drink was made specifically to be enjoyed in a wine glass and will elevate any occasion.

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