Lagunitas Brewing Co Beer, Island Beats 6 Ea

Ya know when the island breeze is just right, that band playing way across the cove sounds like they’re right next door? Same goes for these citrus flavors tasting like freshly squeezed pineapples, mango and passion fruit—only they’re all notes carried just by hops. Shocking! I know, right? These beats just hit different. Here's another little ditty that might surprise you. Lagunitas Island Beats Tropical IPA is the most least bitter brew Lagunitas has ever brewed. Think about it for a second. For those of you who dance to a different beat, escape to the juicy with this 5% ABV IPA. Island Beats Tropical IPA delivers flavor and taste that will put a hip hop in your step and a refreshing ale in your hand to enjoy responsibly during the next outing on your calendar. Life is uncertain, don’t sip.

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