Redwood Creek Zinfandel, California Lodi, 2007

Established 1890. Inspired by the Frei Bros. 100 year old California winemaking tradition. Over 100 years of fine winemaking. We raced for the cave as the rain suddenly poured down on us. Sheltered from the storm, I immediately checked my bag. Fortunately, our bottle of zinfandel was still intact. Catching our breath on the only dry spot for miles, it seemed as good a time as any to uncork and enjoy. The flavor was full of ripe cherry and wild raspberry, with aromas of vanilla and spice that complemented the lingering finish. It was a testament to Lodi, California's secret to zinfandel growth. We watched the lightening show in the horizon with awe and by the time the last sip was finished, so was the storm and we were on our way. - Cal Dennison, winemaker & outdoorsman. Thoughts: Redwood Creek. Satisfy your taste for adventure. Alc. 13.5% by vol.

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