Vintage 2013. Rainstormwines.com. There's Pinot Noir and then there's Oregon Pinot Noir. Kissed by cool Pacific Ocean breezes, Pinot Noir ripens slowly in Oregon leading to bright, aromatic, and elegant styles. But more than (grapes) thrive here. From Portland's (bicycle) filled streets and iconic (coffee) houses, to the majestic (tree) Cascade range or to avid (fish) on the Columbia River and hiking in the Gorge, Oregon is abundant with culture, natural wonders, and adventure. Sure, it may (rain) a lot here, but we think it adds character to our lives and our wines. Rainstorm embodies that vibrant character. Perfect for wine lovers looking to enjoy a versatile, terroir-driven (drink) that will complement their favorite meals. Alc. 13% by vol. Product of USA.

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