Marcus James Merlot, Mendoza Argentina, 1998

Alc. 12% by vol. Marcus James. There are places in the world steeped in winemaking tradition, where special grapes are grown on scenic hillsides and in picturesque valleys by generations of knowledgeable winemakers who turn them into memorable wines. Argentinean Merlot. Because of its mellow character, Merlot was originally used as a blending wine. Recently, however, it has been discovered as a delicious wine in its own right and is being grown specifically for this purpose in wine regions throughout the world. In Argentina, the great Andes mountain range produces dry, hot conditions in the vineyards, so it is natural that red varieties flourish here. This 1998 Mendoz Merlot is a medium bodied wine filled with plum and black cherry notes that linger on the finish. Tannins are soft and the velvet-like body is engaging. Perfect for casual consumption. Marcus James...Discover the world.

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