French Rabbit Pinot Noir, Red Wine, 2010

33% more wine than a 750 ml bottle. Fine French wine without the fuss! French Rabbit Pinot Noir is a ruby red wine with violet hues. It has pleasant acidity with supple tannins and lovely cherry flavour. This red wine is ideal to enjoy at any occasion in the company of friends. The next French [R]evolution. The Tetra Pak is the next step in a long history of wine containers. Resealable , shatterproof, and easy to open, the Tetra Pak is as convenient and efficient as wine packaging gets - 96% wine and only 4% packaging - all while protecting your wine from harmful UV rays. The lighter, more compact Tetra Pak reduces packaging waste by 90%, using less fuel and emissions in shipping. In face, one truck of empty French Rabbit Tetra Pak is the same as 26 trucks of empty bottles. Contains 7 glasses (4.8 oz each) of wine per Tetra-Pak. French Rabbit Pinot Noir is from Pays d'Oc France. A perfect match with poultry, veal and most cheeses. Eco friendly packaging. Alc. 13% by vol. Product of France.

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