Fetzer Moscato, California, 2010

The earth friendly winery. Pioneers in sustainability. Established in 1968. 14% less carbon emission. Charming. I make our Moscato to be sweet and juicy. Its heritage hails from Italy, but this is a true Californian and is a very popular fruity style with aromas of passion-fruit, mango and white peaches. The wine is a bit floral, fairly light body and dances on the palate with a sweet and savory texture. When it's open around my home it disappears quickly. Perfectly delicious to drink on its own or with all sorts of food especially spicy Asian fare. Fetzer now uses lighter glass bottles, runs the winery from mostly green energy, recycles, the list goes on - enhancing our heritage of sustainability. - Dennis Martin, winemaker. Alc. 8.0% by volume. Vinted and bottled by Fetzer Vineyards Hopland, Mendocino County, California.

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