Corbett Canyon Pinot Grigio Chenin Blanc 3 Lt

Crisp & refreshing with classic citrus & floral notes. Committed to crafting premium wines since 1978. Stays fresh longer. Air stays out, flavor stays in. Like the Spanish hacienda, mission-style winery on our label, Corbett Canyon Vineyard is a true classic. Since 1978, we have combined old - and new-world methods to craft wines worth twice their modest price. Case in point: The Corbett Canyon 3 liter premium wine cask. This flavorful wine is made under the watchful direction of our senior winemaker, John Willumson. John's passion for elevating the grapes that nature gives us spans 30 years of winemaking at some of California's most renowned boutique wineries. Our innovative cask holds the equivalent of four bottles of award-winning wine - and keeps every glass as fresh as the day it leaves the winery. It's the perfect way to enjoy a flavorful glass of wine, anytime. - John Willumson. Our crisp and refreshing white wine has classic citrus and floral notes. Enjoy its dry crisp finish with light sauced pastas, grilled seafood or as an aperitif. Each cask contains a vacuum-sealed bag which prevents the oxidation that occurs in opened bottle wine. In addition to keeping the wine fresh, the cask also helps preserve natural resources by reducing packaging waste by 8% compared to glass bottle packaging. One 3 lt wine cask equals four 750 ml bottles. Alc 12% by volume.

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