Bota Box Red Wine Blend, Rich, California 3 L

Bold. Dark. Jammy. One Bota Box equal to four 750 ml bottles. Taste the Adventure: As the campfire dies out, the only sounds you may hear are that of nature, like the Nighthawk, on its nightly hunting adventure. Our Nighthawk, on its nightly hunting adventure. Our Nighthawk Black dark red wine is dark, bold and fruity with aromas and flavors of blackberry pie and bittersweet chocolate, and a smooth lingering finish. Enjoy Nighthawk Black under the evening sky with a spicy beef curry or a warm blanket. Nighthawk Black where flavors soars. Nighthawk makes great-tasting wines with flavors as bold as our namesake comes out to hunt. We hunt for intense flavor and noctural adventure wherever our boldest instincts take us. Follow your instincts. You know high-quality delicious wine when you taste it. We focus on what matters - harvesting the best grapes - so that our wines deliver big, intensely satisfying flavors every vintage. Stay fresh. Superior bag-in box technology keeps out light and air - preserving our great tasting wine for more than a month. Go with the flow. Nighthawk Black goes where glass can't. With our portable, shatter-proof box, you can bring great wine wherever great times are going down. Join our adventures, and share yours! Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: Twitter (at)bota_box. Bota Box accolades 50 Wine Enthusiast best buys. Over 50 gold medals. Be king to the planet. Our carton is 100% recyclable and features FSC-certified stock, printed with VOC-free inks on Kraft unbleached recycled paper containing more than 95% post-consumer fiber. Inside, the wine bag is BPA-free; both the bag and the spout are Category 7 recyclables. FSC: Recycled - Packaging made from recycled materials. This box is 100% recyclable - please recycle. Alc 13.5% by vol.

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