Bota Box Breeze California Red Wine Blend 4 - 750 ml Bottles

3 liters = 4 x 750 ml bottles. Light & refreshing. So much to love. We're all about the unapologetic pursuit of good times, everywhere. Forget tradition and appearances - what matters most is enjoying the moment with the people you love. And having great wine to pour for them. Open up eco-friendly and award-winning wines that go where the good times go. Top of the podium. Bota Box consistently over delivers on quality and continues to rake in the awards. Taste for yourself. Lasts and lasts. No light. No air. Just delicious wine. Bota Box keeps the elements out and the wine fresh for up to 30 days after opening. No corkscrew, no problem. Compact, portable, and shatter-proof, Bota Box lets you enjoy premium wine without the corkscrew. Sip on the light side. Beta Box Breeze is the perfect sidekick for wherever life takes you. Offering low carbs and calories per serving, this light & refreshing wine has all the flavor of traditional wine so you won't miss a thing! Light & Refreshing. Red Blend: A soft fruit-forward red blend that doesn't blend in. A juicy mix of red and black fruit with a smooth finish. This light-bodied red opens with bright aromas of blackberry and sweet cherries. Talk about love at first sip. FSC: Mix - Packaging.

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