Aberfeldy 12 Years Aged Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky - Box

Aberfeldy 12 Years Aged Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky - Box. ESTD 1846. Guaranteed 12 years in oak. Mellowed for twelve years in handmade oak casks. 750 ml. Our handsome distillery is sited on the river Tay in the Central Highlands of Scotland, a stone's throw from the birthplace of our founder, and pioneer of blending, John Dewar. With land acquired from the Marquess of Breadalbane and architecture designed by Charles Doig, the distillery rose up to begin production in 1898. In John's Bonnie hometown of Aberfeldy, his family found men who knew the secrets of superb whisky. Today, we still use time-honoured techniques like long fermentation to conjure rare honeyed notes, and draw water from the Pitilie burn, renowned for its quality and promise of gold. Mellowed for 12 years in handmade oak casks, this smooth, sweet dram offers rich rewards for those who like to dig deeper. We lose a fair bit to the angels though, almost a third of every cask has disappeared into the ether before we're ready to bottle. Please enjoy our single malt responsibly. The pool of the water God. The pitilie burn. The burn is the source of the distillery's water. Pure and fresh the burn is known to contains deposits of alluvial gold. The site of our distillery was chosen for its supply of good water and the railway that linked it to perth. The puggy engine. Brought Barley for our maltings and oak for our coopers before conducting the precious golden liquid market. This puggy engine resides at the distillery to this day. Aberfeldy, its trade dress, Dewar's and the Squirrel logo are trademarks. ©2014.

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