Bacardi Rum Gold

Bacardi® Rum Gold. Bacardi company born in Cuba in 1862. Ron superior carta oro. 1 Ltr. Receta familiar original. Expertly crafted by Maestros De Ron Bacardi. Bacardi Gold is blended using rum aged between one and two years in oak barrels, then shaped through a secret blend of charcoals, to craft a remarkable, smooth rum character. Cuba libre. The original cocktail of freedom. Celebrating Cuba's independence from Spain with a Bacardi, cola and lime, an American soldier toasted 'por cuba libre' and the iconic cocktail was born. For the original cuba libre: With notes of vanilla, toasted almonds and light oak, Bacardi Gold forms the basis of the cuba libre - the original cocktail of freedom. Consumer information call 1-800-BACARDI. Find this and other delicious recipes at

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