BR Hard Tea Half & Half 12pk Cans

Half & half real flavor of iced tea and lemonade. Malt beverage with tea and other natural flavors. Made with real tea + Real lemon flavor + Natural sweetened. Using our years of cider experience, we crafted a crisp + refreshing hard tea that offers the perfect blend of sun-brewed tea and delicious lemonade flavor. So grab a friend, bold rock hard tea and enjoy the day. John Washburn, Brian Shanks Founders. Crafted with care. Please drink responsibly. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Learn more at Tread lightly. 5.0% Alc./Vol. 10 Brewed by Bold Rock Partners, LP, Nellysford, VA & Mills River, NC and under special agreement Lakewood, NY. Crushed & crafted in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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