Malt beverage brewed with molasses and spices. No. 15 in the Boulevard Smokestack Series. Nommo Dubbel pours a deep, brilliant amber, and features coriander, cinnamon, and star anise complemented by notes of clove and banana from the abbey-style yeast. Why Nommo? Long ago in Belgium, Trappist monks created an ale they dubbed dubbel, as in two. What else is double? Twins, of course. About the same time, some 3,000 miles away, the Dogon tribe of Mali worshipped ancestral spirits called Nommo, hermaphroditic, fish-like creatures who were-that's right-twins. And get this: Nommo comes from a Dogon word meaning to make one drink. Coincidence? You decide.. Find out more at 8.1% alc/vol. Flavored ale in TX

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