Wolavers Wit Bier

Brewers of fine organic beers. A superb hand-crafted ale brewed with the finest organic barley and hops. Certified Organic. USDA Organic. What is Organic: The term organic denotes the use of materials and practices that support the earth's natural ecological balance. Organic means that a product was grown or made without the use of harmful synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. Consumers can rest assured that the use of sewage sludge, ionizing radiation (irradiation), and genetically modified organisms is strictly prohibited throughout organic production and handling. Certification: Certification by an independent certification agency ensures that the products you buy are indeed grown, produced and/or processed organically under the strict requirements of the Organic Food Protection Act. Always look for certification on any product labeled organic - to ensure that you are indeed buying an organically grown and produced product. Organic products are not just better for you - they are better for the planet.

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