Widmer 924 Pitch Black IPA, 4 Pack 12 fl. oz. Bottles

Portland, Oregon - since 1984. Pitch black takes you to the dark side with our take on Cascadian dark ale. Debittered black malt lends a midnight hue along with a rich, toasty malt flavor. Generous doses of alchemy and cascade hops provide a complex herbal aroma and subtle citrus note. Balanced perfectly by a smooth Widmer Brothers finish. Embrace the dark side. 924 Russell Street in Portland, Oregon is our home, and home to those who share our love for the art of brewing and the taste for real beer. 924 is where Kurt and Rob Widmer created a home for creative craft-brewing. It's where our brewers brew without boundaries in the pursuit of the perfect pint. And it's where beer lovers come together to share and be inspired by every batch. Welcome to 924. Welcome to the brotherhood. Welcome home. - Rob; Kurt. I quit! In 1984, brothers Kurt and Rob Widmer, in the midst of dual quarter-life crises, decided to quit their jobs, follow their dreams and devote themselves to their true passion - brewing beer full-time. To this day, that rebellious spirit and love for all things beer define Widmer Brothers Brewing. Prost! To doing what you love. And Prost! to responsibility. Always bet on black. Smooth, dark and hoppy. Oregon Brewers Guild. Quality & integrity. 6.5% alcohol by volume.

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