Thomas Creek Ale, Red, River Falls

Attention Beer Drinkers: If you're looking for a beer to chug during drinking games, buy an inferior product. Thomas Creek brews are handcrafted, with the finest American malted barley, hops and yeast. So to shotgun a tasty, flavor-filled beer such as our would be akin to shooting skeet with vintage Johnny Cash records or playing Jimi Hendrix on a ukulele. It's something a beer-loving American would never do. The Creek belongs in a frosty pint glass or mug, not a funnel. So please drink wisely and don't be typical. Sink the status quo. Tastefully yours, Thomas Davis and Bill Davis, founders of Thomas Creek Brewery. Thomas Creek Brewery has been brewing fine hand-crafted beer since 1998 in Greenville, SC. Visit us at the brewery or on the web at

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