Sugar Creek Beer, Belgian Style Ale, Dubbel

Bottle conditioned. Charlotte, NC. Belgian Dubbel: 7.6% abv, 22 IBUs. Complex, mysterious and deceivingly dangerous, our Belgian Dubbel is both easy-drinking and full of character. Inspired by one of our favorite recipes, this beer will keep you guessing with an interplay of: plum, raisin, spice, banana, clove, chocolate, brown sugar, and cherry can all be found in a single tasting! A hint of earthy spiciness with a sweet lingering caramel tone precedes a pleasant finish. Our Dubbel pushes the limits of our mash tun's capabilities and delivers a beer worthy of the famed Trappist monasteries that originated the style. Alc 7.6% by vol. Brewed and bottled by Sugar Creek Brewing Company Charlotte, NC.

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