Sugar Creek Beer, Artisanal Ale, Biere De Garde

Bottle conditioned. Biere De Garde: Name literally means, beer which has been kept or lagered. No expense was spared in recreating this traditional artisanal ale from Northern France. To recreate this regional specialty, we imported all of the ingredients from the countries that birthed the style. The end result is a malt forward amber with deep hints of caramel and candied apple. Eight different specialty malts come together to yield a magnificently complex malt profile. The French Strisselspalt hops used for aroma create a mildly spicy and floral bouquet. Our unique yeast strain, combined with a warm fermentation and an extended cold-conditioning period, produces a smooth and drinkable ale reminiscent of a lager but with full flavored fruitiness of an ale. 6.8% abv, 20 IBUs. Alc. 6.8% by vol. Brewed and Bottled by: Sugar Creek Brewing Company Charlotte, NC.

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