Stone Hazy IPA Beer 6 - 12 oz Cans

An amazingly hazy IPA. Keep it juicy. Stone Hazy IPA: IPAs were once considered an extreme style, only for hardcore beer nerds (like, say, us). Today, we're stoked to see IPA is the most popular style of craft beer in the world, and quite proud of our role in getting it there. There's no denying juicy, hazy IPAs like this one have further fueled that popularity. With stone hazy IPA we say: hell yeah. Embrace the evolution! Gargoyles are historically known as protectors against evil spirits. Since the beginning, our Stone gargoyle has represented our ceaseless quest to create the most awesome beers imaginable. Think of the gargoyle as the big friend that's got your back. Ever vigilant, ever watchful, and ever your humble servant.

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