Square Mile Cider Original Hard Cider, 6 Pack 12 fl. oz. Cans, 6.2% ABV

The Original is a classic American hard cider. Our cider is made from three apple varieties rooted in American culture--Red Delicious, Yellow Delicious and Jonagolds--picked and pressed by hand in Oregon. We chose a lager beer yeast for fermentation to create a cider that perfectly balances sweet and tart with a light apple flavor and a clean, refreshing finish. The Original is best over ice to complement the cool, crisp apple flavor. Stake Your Claim. This is our philosophy, our mantra. We believe in doing what you love, and doing it well. Our cider is a celebration of the American Pioneer spirit. With a nod to the past, and an eye to the future, we raise our glass to you. Go. Stake your claim. Hand Picked Hand Pressed

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