Southampton Publick House Ale, Altbier, Dsseldorf-Style

Brewed & served in the house that beer built. Publick Forum: The gold coast Long Island of F. Scott Fitzgerald lore was a place of excess and extremes. It was during this opulent and overindulgent age when the classes seemed at their greatest divide. Fortunately, throughout this time, a special place on the East End, where Southampton Publick House now resides, supplied a common thread. It was a popular haven where everyone was on equal footing, held equal status and, most importantly, satisfied an identical desire- a refreshing, cold, perfect beer in a relaxing ambiance. Southampton Publick House continues to bring people of all walks of life together. Today we help forge new bonds and experiences with an Altbier, a beer style with a 150-year-old pedigree that originated in Dsseldorf, Germany. Our brewmaster, Phil Markowski, has crafted an Altbier with authentic German ingredients that combine to produce an easy-to-drink beer that surprises the senses. This unique version is a bit less fruity than most ales, with the crisp drinkability of a lager- proof positive that opposites can blend well together. Award-winning taste from the house that beer built.

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