Session Ale, Premium Pale, IPA

Six 11-fluid oz stubby bottles. FS: 47. Short on neck. Long on flavor. Just right! Tools required. Don't be bitter. I'm not. Why have a beer when you could have a Session. A beer that goes to 11 (fluid ounces). Glass recycles. Corrugated recycles. We support Blue Sky renewable energy. Names we wisely rejected in favor of Session IPA: Session INC; Session IPO; Session IOU; Session IRA; Session NRA; Session PTA; Session EPA; Session SOS; Session OMG; Session LOL; Session BFD; Session OCD; Session BFF; Session WTF; Session 401(K). IPA's are insanely popular these days. But let's face it, sometimes it feels like there's a hops arms race going on. That's why we came up with Session IPA. It's a premium pale ale that thinks for itself. Not too bitter. Not too malty. Just right. Have a good Session! Brewed and bottled by Full Sail Brewing Co., Hood River, Oregon.

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