Terrapin Beer Co. Beer, Ipa Survival Kit, 12 Pack 12 Ea

Try all the flavors in our Terrapin IPA Survival Kit beer variety pack. Each case comes with a selection of our unique craft beers: Hopsecutioner - rich caramel sweetness balances out a firm hop bitterness; brighter citrus hop notes hi mid-palate, while the more bitter resin and pin character dominates at the back 7.3% ABV, Luau Krunkles - tartness from passionfruit and a firm hop bitterness balance the pale malt base with. Guava adds another dimension of sweet/tart character reminiscent of almost-ripe strawberries. Fresh squeezed orange citrus counters the bitter and tart notes 6.5% ABV, RecreationAle - hoppy and slight malt sweetness 4.2% ABV, and Depth Perception - sticky resinous hope character with some malt sweetness 9.1% ABV. Each of these IPA beers has a unique flavor to enjoy and experience. From a classic American IPA to our newest Imperial IPA, you'll want to stop and savor each and every sip. Enjoy the refreshing taste of our craft beers and decide which is your new favorite. Grab a 12 pack of 12-oz beer cans today. Terrapin Beer Co. began with a simple passion for beer and released its first beer in 2002. Inspired by the creative culture of Athens, Georgia, Terrapin works to create unique experiences through its craft beers that are now distributed in 20 states.

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