RJ Rockers Ale 6 ea

Seasonal brew. Beer is an art. Carolina brewed. A Peach Story: It was another peaceful day in the peach orchards. The sun was shining, the breeze was cool, and everything was right with the world. Suddenly the clouds turned dark and the peaches felt a chill. The tree branches slung them about violently as he blew through the orchard with the law hot on his fuzz. He was angry and reckless. The peach they had all been warned about. The chase ended at a warehouse in Spartanburg, SC where the authorities lost his trail. They say he was a young peach full of flavor and potential whose temper got the best of him. Turns out the little guy had hidden in a ferment at the RJ Rockers Brewery. What a way to go. His spirited legacy lives on in Son of a Peach! Malt beverage made with real mean peaches. Visit rjrockers.com for more information and logo merchandise. Try all of our handcrafted ales, seasonal brews, and draft offerings. What? When? Where? rjrockers.com. Brewed and bottled by RJ Rockers Brewing Company, Spartanburg, SC.

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