Magic Hat Ale, Winterland Variety 12-Pak

4 styles - 3 of each. No 9: Not quite pale ale. Hocus Pocus: Summer wheat ale. Dream Machine IPL: India-style pale lager. Elder Betty: Elderberry weiss ale. Where ancient alchemy meets modern-day science to create the best-tasting beer on the planet! Not Quite Pale Ale: No 9: A sort of dry, crisp, refreshing, not quite pale ale. India-Style Pale Lager: Dream Machine IPL: A melding of the citrusy hop aroma and flavor of an IPA with the balance, crisp profile of an amber lager. Summer Wheat Ale: Hocus Pocus: Crisp and light with refreshing malty sweetness and a slightly tart finish, hocus pocus is an ode to summer. Elderberry Weiss Ale: Elder Betty: A refreshing wheat ale with a touch of hops and the smooth, tart flavor of elderberry. Summer comes bearing cool sonic gifts. This is the season of sun and heat, festivals and rhythms sweet. Come watch our spores dance and play - when in Burlington, VT. Come tour our brewery and visit the Artifactory 5 Bartlett Bay Rd, So. Burlington, VT 05403. For tour times call 802-658-2739 or visit us anytime at to find out about events, Artifactory specials, & new beers! Need a great gift idea? Visit or give us a call at 802-658-2739 and we'll be happy to take your order. Get entangled with us in the interweb. Facebook/Magichatbrewing. Twitter at Magichat. Instagram at Magichatbrewing. Dream Machine Lager (Ale in TX). Hocus Pocus Ale (Beer in TX).

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