Foothills Brewing Pilsner, Torch

Est 2004. WSNC. Please recycle. A balanced beer made with Czech Saaz Hops, Torch Pilsner presents a well structured, highly drinkable Pilsner experience. Thanks for checking out our beer. Now check out our site for more info about our excellent brews and brewpub. As someone who appreciate the nuances of craft brews, you're in for a treat. Foothills Brewpub in Downtown Winston-Salem is Foothills at its best. Drop by to talk beer, sign up for beer school, hear live music or just watch the game. But make sure you try the food. Just like our beers, it's all about fresh ingredients, masterfully prepared. We even use our beer in several of the recipes, including our ale-battered 'shrooms and homemade ketchup. See you soon! Keep your head and your feet. Be sensible. Please appreciate our fine brews in moderation. And do not drink and drive. Tread lightly. For the sake of all the fresh ingredients that go into your beer, please recycle.

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