Palmetto Beer, Pale Ale

Sweet malt notes with a citrusy nose and finish. Enjoy with food and friends. Palmetto Brewery first served Charleston's thirst in the 1850s, operating through the War of Northern Aggression, the earthquake of 1886, and a major hurricane; but the brewery failed to survive prohibition. We resurrected the tradition in 1993, becoming the first brewery to operate in South Carolina since prohibition. Still located in the historic city of Charleston, our beer is truly handcrafted in small batches. Pale Ale: South Carolina's Lowcountry, renowned for its historic cities and communities, its natural beauty, and its unique cultural heritage, offers a rich beer culture as well. Our American Pale Ale opens with a fragrant bouquet of fruity goodness and finishes with a spicy refreshing bite of citrus. This well-balanced American ale pairs nicely with spicy dishes. Enjoy with food and friends! This ad from 1880 shows that the original Palmetto Brewery thought it was a good idea to open a saloon to serve up the best beers. Honoring this tradition, we invite you to join us for a tour and a refreshing pint. Visit our website for locations and hours. Palmetto Brewery Saloon: John Kohout, is pleased to inform the public that he is now established at the saloon of the Palmetto Brewery, at the corner of Hayne and Anson Streets, where he will serve up the best beers, wines liquors, and cigars. Also lunch daily. He will make his new quarters second to none in the city and cordially bespeaks a call.

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