Napa Smith Ale, Red, Lost Dog

Handcrafted beers from Napa Valley. Fresher beer thanks to submarine research. Here at Napa Smith Brewery, our goal is to provide you with award-winning beers that go well with food. To do that, we do everything we can to ensure that the quality we put in each bottle gets to you as fresh as possible. So when we found out that a crown cap was available that has a liner developed through submarine research to reduce oxygen levels, we started using them. Our oxygen scavenging cap is just one of many things we do - such as using UV protectant glass and adding nitrogen to each bottle before filing to remove oxygen - to provide you with fresher beer. Our Lost Dog Red Ale is a flavorful find for lovers of full-bodied craft beer. This ale is rich and robust with a warm red hue and a hoppy finish that practically rolls over and begs for another taste. Napa Smith is a handcrafted Artisan beer brewed at the southern gateway of the Napa Valley. Our family brings together the finest ingredients and 35 years of brewing experience to produce our proprietary beers. Hard work, dedication and a genuine love of beer goes in to each bottle that we make. Woof, woof. - The lost dog upon being found. Open a bottle, celebrate life, celebrate the Napa experience! Our lost dog red ale pairs with short ribs, hamburgers and garlic fries. 7.2% alc/vol.

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