3 - Guinness Original. 3 - Foreign Extra Stout. 3 - Antwerpen Stout. 3 - 200th Anniversary Export Stout. 200 years of stout in America. In honor of our brand's 200th Anniversary in America, this pack is a sippable timeline of stout. Guinness Original: Originally brewed as the XX version of our porter. A rounded flavor, bitter and sweet with a dry finish. 200th Anniversary Export Stout: Inspired by the brewing logs of 1817. Complex but smooth and mellow with a sweet chocolate flavor. Foreign Extra Stout: The prominent Guinness enjoyed in Africa and Asia. A full bodied palate of roast and fruity character. Antwerpen Stout: First brewed in 1944 for export from Dublin to Antwerp. Full bodied, complex, roasted coffee flavor with bitter chocolate, licorice, molasses and dark fruit. We built our reputation on dark, flavorful beer back in the 1800s. We invite you to explore the world of stouts with four of our brewers' favorites. Please recycle. Brewed of distinction since 1759. Guinness Original: 4.2% alc/vol. Foreign Extra Stout: 7.5% alc./vol. Antwerpen Stout: 8.0% alc/vol. 200th Anniversary Export Stout: 6.0% alc/vol. Brewed in Ireland.

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