Flying Embers Ancient Berry Cans

With elderberry, goji, & raspberry. 0 g sugars. 0 g net carbs. Zero sugar. Gluten free. This product is considered a beer. Contains no gluten. USDA Organic. Certified Organic by Organic Certifiers Inc. Vegan. 0 g sugars - dry fermented leaving negligible sugar. Adaptogens. Live probiotics. With ginger, turmeric & ashwagandha. Sparkling fermented tea with probiotics & adaptogens. Unfiltered & not pasteurized. This product is considered a beer. Flying Embers was born in Ojai, California during a massive wildfire that threatened our home and brewery. This experience inspired us to explore the ancient alchemy of fermentation with an intention to connect to something within us that many believe we have lost. A time in the past when we would gather around a fire and share fermented plant elixirs to lift and heat our spirits. A time of ritual, sacrament, song, and ceremony. (at)flyingembersbrew. Please recycle. 4.5% alc. by vol. 9

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