Devils Backbone Imperial IPA Beer 6 ea

Hoppy, resin & herbal notes. Sixteen point. Eight Point IPA turned out pretty darn good, so what would happen if we added a whole bunch more hops to it? We didn't know for sure but we had a pretty good inkling. So we tossed in a few varietals of hops. Then we tossed in a few more. When everything was all said and done we had a great tasting imperial IPA on our hands and wouldn't you know this new one was just as easy to throw back as the original. And hey. who's gonna complain about something like that? It was just pretty amazing. Sorta felt like we discovered a whole new species of beer. Color honey. Flavors Notes: Hoppy, resin, herbal. This is probably the only time you'll see a sixteen pointer. Didn't see you there. If you've never seen a sixteen pointer in the wild, that's not surprising. One, they're kinda rare. And two, whitetail change coats every season so they're camouflaged year round. So hey, maybe you have seen a whole bunch of 'em but you just don't know it. Racking up the years. How old is a sixteen pointer? Your guess is about as good as ours. Maximum antler size is generally between 5-1/2 and 7-1/2 years so if you're lucky enough to see one, just know he's pretty much seen it all in his day and now he's in that stage where he wants kids to stay off his lawn and won't listen to new music. Visit us when you're in Virginia! Outpost Lexington. Basecamp - Roseland. Maupin Shelter. Call for a ride! facebook. Instagram. Twitter. 91 9.1% alc./vol. 18.2 Brewed in the VA Heartland.

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