Devils Backbone Day Pack Variety Beer 15 ea

Vienna lager. Gold leaf golden lager. Juicy magic eye-PA. Around here in Virginia, there's plenty of opportunity to enjoy a beer with a view. Whether you've got a cooler by campfire or you're packing a few cans in your day pack to enjoy post-hike, this variety pack offers a delicious sampler experience on-the-go. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Visit us when you're in Virginia! Outpost - Lexington: 37 48 50 N; 79 23 53.7 W. Basecamp - Roseland: 37 52 16.5 N; 78 55 07.1 W. Maupin Shelter: 37 53 05.6 N; 78 59 37.0 W. Call for a ride! Brewed in the VA Heartland.

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