Devils Backbone Brewing Company Schwartz Bier, 6-Pack, 12 fl. oz. Bottles

Gold Award 2014 - Schwarzbier Category. The Great American Beer Festival, Denver Colorado. World Beer Cup Gold Award 2016 - Schwarzbier Category. Derived from the recipes of medieval Germanic brewers, our Schwartz bier embodies a millennium of refinement. Schwarzbier (literally: black beer) originates from Eastern Germany and is a window into pre-modern brewing. Medieval brewers browned barley over open flames; today we get the characteristically subtle roasted flavor by using the finest toasted malted. This sophisticated little gem is fermented with lager yeast, and finishes quick and dry. Take this modern treasure home to your castle today! 22 IBUS, O.G. 12 degrees p. Hints of roasted coffee and caramel in a dry, understated, dark garnet lager. Basecamp Favorites: It all began in 2008 at Basecamp Brewpub & meadows, our cozy brewpub lodged on 100 acres surrounded by one of the oldest mountain ranges in the US, the Blue Ridge Mountains. Our recipes are inspired by the great brewing traditions of Europe and the ingenuity of modern craft brewing. These signature beers represent our customer's favorites and our core brewing principles: balance, approachability and trueness to style. Craft an adventure with us at either of our locations! Hikers at Maupin Shelter: Call 434.361.1001 for a lift down to our base camp brew pub! Out Post Brewery & Tap Room: Open for tour and tastings. Rt. 11. Lexington, VA. 2 mi. north of 1-64 Exit 55. 1 mi. south of 1-81 exit 195. 540.462.6200. Basecamp Brewpub & Meadows: Open for lunch & dinner. Crossroads Rt. 151 & Rt.664. 434.361.1001. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Brewed & bottled in the Virginia heartland.

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