Devils Backbone Brewing Company Schwartz Bier

Devils Backbone Brewing Company Schwartz Bier. 6*12 FL. OZ. Derived from the recipes of medieval germanic brewers, our schwartz bier embodies a millennium of refinement. Schwarzbier (Literally: Black beer) originated from Eastern Germany and is a window into pre-modern brewing. Medieval brewers browned barley over open flames; today we get the characteristically subtle roasted flavor by using the finest toasted malts. This sophisticated little gem is fermented with lager yeast, and finishes quick and dry. Take this modern treasure home to your castle today! Beer from the Virginia heartland. Vienna Lager: Our Vienna is a medium chestnut-colored lager with a malty aroma. Its subtle, toasty sweetness is derived from a multi-stage mash and pinch of noble hopes makes for a clean finish. Don't be fooled by its hue; This beer is so refreshing. You'll be looking for reasons to say, "Prost!" Eight point I.P.A: A cornucopia of hops varieties imparts a citrusy floral aroma and a crisp bitterness. Concocted from pilsen and a dash of caramel malts, this burnished-golden ale has a touch of malty sweetness for balance, which makes it easy to enjoy all night long. Trail Blazers: Stray from the beaten path into a world of robust and daring beers; The kind rarely experienced by those who defer to the rules. Peak Series: Intrepid beer pioneers: Join us for a trek to the pinnacle of hand crafted flavor with our offering of audaciously brewed beers. Hints of roasted coffee and caramel in a dry, understated, dark garnet lager. 540.462.6200.

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