Delirium Beer 4 ea

Belgian family brewery Huyghe - Since 1654. Elected as best beer in the world. Words simply cannot describe the intricate flavor of this beer. The color is golden and the head creamy and light. The first sip warms the throat and belly, like an old woodstove does a log cabin. It's lightly hopped and surprisingly malty for such an airy, sunshiny beer. The aftertaste is fruity, almost cherry. A warming alcoholic glow works its way down the throat to the stomach. This beer must be sipped slowly so you can revel in each sweet drop. Delirium Tremens has a big body, a rich mouth feel, and a long, aftertaste. A triple fermentation beer with refermentation in the bottle. Thanks to the living yeast added for refermentation in the bottle, Delirium will become better with age, just like great wines. Serve the beer slowly in a balloon glass so as to create a rich foamy head. Family brewery. Visit us at Alc. 8.5% vol. Brewed & bottled by the Huyghe Brewery Melle/Ghent, Belgium.

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