CRISPIN Cider, Apricot Pear

Authentic. Natural. Naturally fermented pure pear juice. Fermented pear cider from pure pear juice. Apricot Infused Pear Cider: Naturally fermented using 100% pear juice, not from pear-juice concentrate, or flavored hard apple cider. Filtered cold for extra purity and infused with natural apricot juice. With no added malt, spirit, grape or apple-cider alcohols colorants, sugar, sorbate or benzoate preservatives. Naturally elegant and refreshingly adult with a delicate sweetness and a faint tartness. A velvety mouth-feel, a slight musky complexity, complemented by a fresh-fruit sunny bouquet. An inspired collection of fermented pear ciders from pure pear juice. Fox Barrel pear ciders are naturally fermented using 100% pear juice, not from pear juice concentrate, or pear-flavored hard apple cider. They are crisp and adult, with a fresh natural fruit taste profile and a clean, sophisticated mouthfeel and lingering aftertaste. Natural, gluten free and no added artificial colorants, sorbate or benzoate preservatives, or malt, spirit or apple alcohol. Gluten free. 5.5% alc/vol. Made in USA.

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