Blue Point Pale Ale, 22 fl. oz. Bottle

American Pale Ale/Technical Description: 1.054 OG & 37 IBUs. The Blue Point Brewing Company's American Pale Ale is distinctly American. Characterized by a deep copper-blush that is enthusiastically accentuated with hops harvested domestically. In contrast to Classic IPAs, Blue Points American Pale Ale delivers a more pronounced hop character that explodes with a rich gusto. Built atop a solid bitterness and true-malt complexity, this special American Pale Ale is top-fermented and hopped at 4 different stages of the brewing process, exposing its bolder, hoppy backbone and aroma. Pale malts and hints of wheat and Carapils are delicately infused to round out the malt bill. Blue Point's American Pale Ale has a woodsy, floral-citrus essence that tempers the overall unabashed character of this exhilarating craft beer. This American Pale Ale is a fun, sociable brew to be enjoyed with family, friends and food. Its assertive hop flavor complements most cuisine and is sure to stimulate appetite and conversation. Blue Point's American Pale Ale is extremely full-bodied and bursting with personality. Brewed traditionally, using only the finest, freshest ingredients. The Blue Point Brewing Company's American Pale Ale is a deliciously fresh, "all-seasons-all-people beer". Extremely Fresh Craft Brewed

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