Blue Moon Pale Moon 12 Oz Belgian-Style Pale Ale 6 Pk Bottles

Belgian-style ale brewed with orange peel and hibiscus. Pale Moon is our unique and inviting interpretation of the pale-ale style. Available for year-round enjoyment, it is brewed in the Belgian tradition with cascade hops, European malts, and a touch of orange peel and hibiscus to achieve a wonderfully complex balance of flavors without the overpowering hop bitterness that is typical of most other pale-ale styles. This Belgian-style Pale Ale is brewed with cascade hops and a touch of hibiscus & orange peel. At Blue Moon Brewing Company, everything we do stems from our artistic approach to brewing beer. Our philosophy is simple. We take classic styles and make them even better by adding unique twists. It's been like that since we started back in '95 in Denver, Colorado. And that's why we say our beer - and everything we do - is artfully crafted.

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