Big Boss Ale, India Pale, High Roller

Finely handcrafted. India Pale Ale unit style. Brewed from tank 5. Good beer. For business use only. Description of Goods: High Roller rolls big with big malts and big hops from the Pacific Northwest. For extra kicks, it doubles down with a little dry happening. So keep plenty on hand, 'cause when you're outta High Roller, you're outta luck. The Original High Roller: As boss of the Continental Army, George Washington's first order was to provide the troops under his command with a quart of beer in their daily rations. Beer - a high and mighty liquor. - Julius Caesar. What's IBU? IBU (International Bittering Unit) measures the hop bitterness in beer. The higher the IBU, the more snap! Handle your business with our fine beers. IBU 55. 6.75% ABV. Brewed & bottled by Big Boss Brewing Company - Raleigh, NJ 27604.

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