Avery Brewing Ale, Brown, Ellie's

Lab tested. Named after our beloved chocolate lab, this beautiful, deep russet brew is dominated by a chocolate and brown sugar maltiness with hints of vanilla and nuts, producing a very smooth, well-balanced and quaffable brown ale. Est. 1993. Yeah it is! Since 1993 Avery Brewing Company has been committed to producing eccentric ales and lagers that defy styles or categories. Our creations are thoroughly American at heart: blending Old World tradition and expertise with ingenuity, creativity and boldness. Please come visit us at our tap room for pints and a tour! For more information about Avery Brewing Co, tap room hours of operation, brewery tours, official Avery merchandise, and all other inquiries, visit us at averybrewing.com. 100% recycled paperboard. 5.5% alc/vol.

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