Appalachian Mountain Brewery Beer, Spoaty Oaty Appalachian Pale Ale

Community. Sustainability. Philanthropy. Spoaty Oaty Pale Ale: A nod to an old mountain blues song and the tradition of enjoying a beverage among friends, Spoaty Oaty is an Appalachian recipe featuring the hop-forward character of an IPA and structure of a pale, rounded out with oats for body and complexity. Drinkin' beer, Spoaty Oaty! Our Mission: To sustainably brew high quality beer, support and revitalize the communities of the Appalachian mountains, as well as lead the country, by example, towards fulfilling the potential we all possess. We Can so You Can Foundation: AMB donates proceeds from every can and keg to support the revitalization of our mountains and rivers. Cheers to our next adventure. Est. 2011. Share your adventure on (at)Appalachianmountainbrewery. Facebook. Instagram. Keep earth beautiful. Recycle. 5.4% alc. by vol.

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