North County San Diego. Gar-goyle (gar' goil') n. - A fearsome figure carved from stone that has powers to ward off evil spirits. Our stone gargoyle wards off modem day evil spirits such as chemical preservatives, additives & adjuncts. One taste, and you can tell he does his job very well. Stone India Pale Ale: To say that this gem of an IPA is hoppy would be putting it modestly - and modesty is definitely not one of our strong suits. Big hop flavor and big hop aroma. What about hop bitterness you ask? You bet! We loaded glorious amounts of crisp and refreshing hop bitterness into this brew. First the aroma delights, then the flavor moves us to rejoice aloud! In fact it makes us feel downright poetic. We hope it does for you too! Our philosophy: we hardly keep it a secret that we revel in our love for big character ales. We have way too much fun creating our brews to even think for a moment about brewing anything that's less than truly unique and outstanding. (we know you love them as much as we do.) Enjoy! Brewed & bottled by the Stone Brewing Co., Escondido, San Diego County, CA. 6.9% alc. vol.

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