Abita Beer, Hard Root, Bayou Bootlegger

Inspired by the Original Bayou Bootlegger, Jean Lafitte: Brewed to embody the swaggeringly rebellious spirit of Jean Laffite, the early.19th century French pirate, smuggler and unofficial patron saint of New Orleans, Bayou Bootlegger breaks all the established rules. Laffite's illicit adventures and love of revelry frustrated the authorities and captivated the public's imagination as he blazed a dashing path of ne'erdo-well exploits along The Gulf Coast. The lawless privateer morphed into a hero when he and his crew took up arms in defense of New Orleans during the War of 1012. Laffite's colorful tradition lives on in the unabashedly bold flavor of Bayou Bootlegger. Louisiana's Original Craft Brewery: Since 1986, Abita Brewery has handcrafted signature lagers and ales imbued with the irrepressible spirit and soul of New Orleans. Each sip is a testament to the celebratory culture and vibrant flavors of the region-made for the way we love to live. Come experience Abita and join in the revelry with an up close and personal tour of the brewery. Visit our website for details and directions. Flavor Profile: Our hard root beer is a decidedly adult take on the old-fashioned soda fountain root beers of days gone by Gluten-free and sweetened with pure Louisiana cane sugar, this handcrafted hard root beer delivers aromas of wintergreen, vanilla and sassafras with hints of clove and anise. Enjoy its smooth. Complex and satisfyingly sweet flavor as your god thirst quencher or paired with your favorite meal. arbita.com. Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. 5.9% Abv.

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