Abita Beer, Gold Lager, 30 Degrees 90 Degrees

Coordinates to a good time. New Orleans is located at latitude 30 north longitude 90 degrees west. This is the most geographically accurate location of the finest food. Music and round-the-clock good times on earth. Abita created 30 degrees 90 degrees to celebrate the way we love to live in New Orleans. Flavor Profile: Style: Lager. Color: Light gold. Lovibond Rating: 4. Water: Abita is handcrafted using the pristine artesian water of Abita springs, Louisiana. Yeast: German lager malt: Pilsner. Hops: Cascade. Food Pairing: Try Abita 30 degrees 90 degrees with boiled seafood and oysters. It's also excellent paired with grilled meats and vegetables. Glassware: Kolsch, pilsner, pint. abita.com. Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. Bitterness [IBU]: 20. Alc. by vol.: 4.5%.

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