Aberfeldy Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky 750mL

Aberfeldy 16 Years Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky - Box. Estd 1846. By appointment to her majesty queen Elizabeth II. Mellowed for sixteen years in handmade oak casks. Since 1898. 750 ml. Just outside the town of Aberfeldy, General Wade's bridge stands as a monument to a man so feted in his day that a special verse of the National Anthem was written in his honour. Between 1725 and 1737 Wade ensured that English troops could move easily around the rebellious Highlands by building roads and bridges, of which the Tay Bridge at Aberfeldy is the most magnificently by fat. He also raised a local militia that became the black watch regiment and tried to win over Clan Chiefs whose loyalty lay with the King. On the other side of Aberfeldy, the handsome distillery built in 1898 by Alexander and Tommy Dewar, collects water as it tumbles down the pitillie burn on its way to the Tay. This water, which contains traces of gold, is there transformed into the mellow, honeyed golden dram that bears the town's name. There could be no more fitting monument to their father and our founder, John Dewar. Distilled & bottled in Scotland. Please enjoy our single malt responsibly. Aberfeldy is a trademark. Visit www.aberfeldy.com.

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