Celebrate Ice Cream Cake, Confetti Fudge 36 Oz

Vanilla flavored & chocolate ice cream. Chocolate flavored crunch and fudge center and creamy whipped frosting with an all-occasion decoration. Serves 6-9. There's always a reason to celebrate. New! Easy open. Slide & serve. Celebrate quality & value! For product questions call: 1-800-356-7094 or visit us at www.celebratetheday.com. So that we can better serve you, save this box to reference production codes on the ingredient panel. Birthdays; Half-birthdays; Becoming a big brother; Becoming a big sister; Religious events; Losing a tooth; Getting a new tooth; Learning to swim; Getting a new bike; First day of school; Last day of school; Acing a test; PTA meeting; Music recital; Good report card; Engagement; Winning a playoff; Winning the lottery; Finding 10 dollars; Getting your drivers license; Graduating from anything; Arriving from a road drip; Bon voyage; Launching your boat; Third date; Saying you're sorry; Saying I love you; First day of spring; First day of summer; Cheer winter blues; Daylight saving; First day off in a long time; Garden party; Painting party; Buying a sports car; Lifting someone's spirits; Buying your first home; Welcome home; Moving day; Welcome to the neighborhood; Open house; Block party; Father's day; Mother's day; Kids' day; Birth of a child; Brand new boss; Brand new career; Relocating; Retirement; Grandparents' day; Expecting company; Girls' night out; Boy's night out; Family night; Poker night; Just because; No reason at all; Fill in the blank! www.celebratetheday.com.

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