Mama Geraldine's Italian Wedding Cookies

With a hint of amaretto & toasty almonds. All natural. It's how we entertain! Geraldine is a great believer in expanding horizons, so when her grandson Jackson was invited to study in Italy she heartily approved. She never dreamed he would fall in love with an Italian beauty named Sophia and plan a wedding in Venice. Sophia's mother, hearing about Geraldine's baking talents, asked her to make Italian wedding cookies for the festivities. Geraldine began experimenting with her classic wedding cooking recipe. She added a touch of amaretto, some thinly sliced almonds and before putting them in the oven, recited a wedding incantation from an Italian book of Legends she found in the library. That evening her beloved husband sampled the cookies and immediately became so amorous that Geraldine was sure she had created the perfect confection. When Geraldine arrived in Venice for the wedding, she went right to the kitchen to make her special cookies. As the guests sampled the cookies, each began kissing and hugging everyone in sight. Geraldine still wonders if it was just normal behavior at an Italian wedding or the result of her enchanted Italian Wedding Cookies. No preservatives. All natural and purely delicious! Only the finest all natural ingredients make Geraldine's cookies an anytime tasty treat. We never use high fructose corn syrup or anything artificial - that's just not right! Our delicious petite cookies are perfect for entertaining, a light snack or just a little something sweet after dinner. Try them all - it's a great way to make every day - bodacious! Visit us online or on Facebook.

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