Sara Lee Sandwich Buns, White 8 Ea

Per 1 Bun Serving: 210 calories; 0.5 g sat fat (3% DV); 380 mg sodium; (16% DV); 6 g sugars. Good source of calcium 0 g trans fat. How does a Sara Lee Hearty Delicious bun help you be creative? Well, it's kind of like a canvas. A bun shaped canvas, with the great taste and txture to support your latest creation. Turkey with melted swiss, avocado and bacon. Chipotle chicken with red peppers. Or anything else you can think of. With buns this tasty, the only thing keeping you from creative meal is this packaging. Great Taste your family will love, Guaranteed! We are committed to providing you with the highest quality baked foods. If you have questions or comments on this product, please call our Consumer Relations Center at 1-866-245-8921 or go to and click on the contact us page. Please re-use or recycle this bag. Check if your retailer accepts No. 4 bags in shopping bag bins or visit to find an appropriate recycling center. Recycling for this bag is still limited and may not exist in your area.

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