Mary Jane® Regular Old Fashion Bread 20 oz. Loaf

Enriched. Real bread. Bread is a low fat, cholesterol free food. Food Guide Pyramid: A guide to daily food choices. Fats, oils & sweets - use sparingly. Milk, yogurts & cheese group - 2-3 servings. Vegetable group - 3-5 servings. Meat, poultry, fish, dry beans, eggs, & nuts group - 2-3 servings. Fruit group - 2-4 servings. Bread, cereal, rice & pasta group - 6-11 servings. The USDA Food Guide Pyramid suggests that as part of a well balanced diet, we need 6-11 servings of grain based foods daily. The national norm is only 4 servings! Adding just two slices of bread each day would help meet the daily minimum requirements of 6 servings! Real bread - there are no short cuts to taste and flavor! Six generations of Eastern Virginia families have grown up enjoying the taste and flavor of our famous bread. Mary Jane has always baked its bread the old fashioned way. We do not use any batter whipping or other chemical fermentation processes to speed up our production time. Mary Jane bread is baked Mother Nature's Way, slowly and patiently. We use a hearth dough that is allowed to rise naturally, all on it's own, creating a flavor cell structure. This way, our bread has a full, rich, satisfying taste and flavor, and a genuine texture that modern breads can't recreate. Eastern Virginia families know it takes time to make good bread. Mary Jane has been taking the time for nearly 100 years. Bromate free.

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